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If it’s as cold in New York tonight as they say it’s going to be, I have a plan.  When I go to bed, I’ll turn my electric blanket all the way up to broil.

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, a lot of popular singing groups were named after cars.  Thanks to the Super Bowl commercial, I now know that Buick has a new convertible called the Cascada.  To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first car named after a singing group.

A sign of inflation:  In early January, I went to an ATM at Penn Station in New York City and it gave me $50 bills.  Before that, I had never gotten anything larger than a $20.

You may recall that I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport last summer.  It has all-wheel drive.  One advantage of having all-wheel drive is when you get two feet of snow as we did recently, you don’t have to take advantage of the all-wheel drive and go out in it.  You can still stay home and turn up your electric blanket.

Another advantage is in snow, I spin my wheels a lot less often with AWD than I do in a 2WD Nissan pickup truck.

I visited Europe in May, 2014.  I’d like to go back some day.  Although I didn’t notice at the time, from what I’ve read since, wearing white sneakers is a sure sign in Europe that you are an American.   I doubt if I’ll pass for a local anyway, but if I do go back I’ll consider getting the sneakers I wear in black or brown so I can fit in better.

If I visit Europe again, I’ll buy a wide-angle lens for my camera and I’ll probably leave my tripod home.  You can’t use a tripod inside any of the historic buildings I visited in London, and it’s a couple of pounds less weight for me to carry around.  The wide-angle lens will be useful for landscapes and for building interiors. 

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