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As she resigns from Congress today, and we honor Rep. Giffords for her courageous battle to recover from the gunshot to her head, let’s also take a moment to remember the other victims, the ones who died, like the little girl, the man who died shielding his wife, the young man from Rep. Giffords’ staff, all of them.

I’ve been to Las Vegas twice. I’m not a big drinker, I don’t gamble either, but I like the shows and the fancy hotels. One thing I like that surprised me is the fancy bathrooms in the nicest hotels. It’s not that I spend a lot of time in them; it’s just that the bathrooms in most hotels aren’t all that nice at all so the ones in the large strip hotels look even more extravagant than they are by comparison.

My latest genius entrepreneurial idea is as follows: a service that will deliver prepared meals to people trapped in the waiting rooms of orthopedists.

I’ve seen a couple of rants recently against touch screens in cars. This reminded me that I wanted to rant about the same thing. Why? Because you have to look at the touch screen to use it, and while you’re looking at the touch screen, you can’t be looking at the road. I don’t think the head unit in my truck could do quite as much if it had to rely on buttons, but I would like to return to buttons for radio presets.

Last weekend, a Boy Scout troop I’m associated with went camping. When we returned to our cars, someone had written a racial epithet in the snow on the windshield. It doesn’t matter what camp because I’m sure that the camp staff didn’t do it, and the council that runs the camp didn’t condone it either. I emailed the camp’s Scout Executive about the incident, and received an appropriate reply. The funny thing is when I first emailed the man through the Boy Scouts’ email server the software wouldn’t even accept the complaint because I used the verboten word. So I had to complain a second time without being as specific about what happened.

I don’t know if I like that or not because I’m generally against censorship. I know the Boy Scouts of America don’t approve of the word, and that’s good, but they didn’t use it and I only used it to complain about it.

It was such a hateful and ignorant thing to do that the only thing that encourages me about the person who actually did it is that he spelled the word right.

I read that Kim Kardashian has an Internet search alert that tells her whenever her name appears on the Internet. So, Kim honey, if you read this enjoy. It doesn’t say anything bad about you. It doesn’t say anything good either, but it doesn’t say anything bad.

I have commented before on some of the surprising words that are included in MS Word’s dictionary, even proper nouns like Mandelbrot and Asimov. I’m happy to report that MS Word doesn’t recognize Kardashian as a word.

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