Things I Know

    • Now that it’s April and the sun is getting stronger, I think it’s time to tell everyone that when my daughter was a toddler, she called the unguent that one applies in order to avoid sunburn “sun scream.”

    • As things begin to bloom around here, I wish I had enough room on my property to plant a magnolia tree.

    • Abner Doubleday is famous for something he didn’t do.  He’s alleged to have invented baseball.  But he did do something that went down in history.  Doubleday was the artillery officer at Fort Sumter SC 150 years ago, so he directed the first union shot of the Civil War.

    • Nine, possibly ten bodies have been found along Ocean Parkway in the area between Jones Beach and Gilgo.  And we thought that area was interesting when Robert Matheson was trying to save the OBI.

    • I spent most of last week in Albany, NY.  Well, Colonie, actually.  On the way there, I took a side trip to Cooperstown.  Yes, I visited the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I go there as often as I can.  I first went about six years ago and liked it so much I became a subscribing member.  But this time, I finally got to the Farmers’ Museum when it was open and I saw the Cardiff Giant.  The giant was a big hoax in the second half of the nineteenth century.  Uncovered in 1869, by 1870, it was such a successful hoax that famed showman P.T. Barnum had a replica made.   Then, Barnum displayed the replica and said his was the original and the original was a fake.  When the Cardiff Giant was uncovered, there were people who identified it as a fake right away.  Still, seeing it in the museum on RTE 80 in Cooperstown, it’s hard to believe that anyone ever fell for it.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.