Things I Know

  • It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I have to remind you of the following; please don’t tell your daughters that all men are interested in only one thing.  It isn’t true!  A very few of us don’t give a dam about football.
  • I installed the Google Chrome Internet browser.  It’s a lot faster than Internet Explorer.  It’s a little different too.  One of the differences is I have to remember the sign-ons for any web sites that had cookies in my other browser.
  • A lot of people think some of software features, and code that developers have patented are silly, and I do too.  One example:  what are called favorites in IE are bookmarks in Chrome and a couple of other browsers I’ve used too.  I can deal with that.  But the bookmarks are in the upper right hand corner of the screen and I’m having trouble adjusting to that.
  • BTW, I think calling the new browser Chrome is very misleading.  It is neither shiny nor yellow!
  • My wife has ordered five boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  They ought to last a day or two.
  • It was Conan O’Brien who recommended that if the government of Egypt wants people to stay home, and not do anything, Egypt should turn the Internet back on.
  • I keep hearing about the Muslim Brotherhood in connection with the current unrest in Egypt.  For some reason, anything called a brotherhood sounds sinister to me, probably because I read the comic strip “The Phantom” as a kid and the Phantom was always beset by the Singh Brotherhood, which was a fictitious, evil crime syndicate.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.