Things I Know

  • If I had a life that resembled in any way the life that Charlie Sheen reportedly lives, I’d like to live it for a long time, rather than all at once.

  • You never have to shovel a heat wave.

  • We’ve had so much snow around here that I ran out of chocolate chips and couldn’t bake homemade cookies during the latest storm.

  • Where I live, they start selling Girl Scout Cookies next week!

  • We’re a little over two weeks to pitchers and catchers.

  • The Mets signed another sub-.200 career hitter.

  • It was only a matter of time.  Someone turned up nude photos of Betty White.  About 70-years old!  The photos are about 70 years old; they aren’t nude photos of Betty when she was 70 years old.  If you want to see them, they’re all over the Internet.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.