Things I Know

  • Rick Lazio has backed out of the Conservative Party nomination for governor of New York.  It now appears that Carl Paladino will get the Conservative as well as the Republican line.  If that happens, I think the Conservative Party will get the fifty thousand votes it needs to survive.  There’s always a chance, but Paladino still looks unlikely to wrestle the governorship from Andrew Cuomo.

  • Just so we’re clear, I think selling two-dollar bills two for ten dollars plus shipping and handling is a great idea.  I also think buying two-dollar bills two for ten dollars plus shipping and handling is absolutely moronic!

  • A po’ boy sandwich at Citi Field costs $14.00.  I didn’t have one, so I don’t know if that’s delicious irony, or just plain old ordinary irony.

  • My shoulder is getting better.  I started physical therapy today.

  • I am not sure the surgeon really is a doctor.  He is very good at being on time for appointments in his office.  I had a 10 AM appointment recently.  When I got back into my car, the clock said 10:13.  Remarkable!  Plus, my next appointment is on a Wednesday and I thought all doctors were required to play golf on Wednesday.

  • Just for the sake of closure, Winnie Cooper did give birth to a healthy baby boy and she didn’t name him Kevin.

  • Upon watching “Dancing With the Stars” it occurred to me that most radio programmers would think a lot of the music on that show is too old to play on their radio stations.

  • The prospect of genetically engineered salmon must certainly lead to genetically engineered bagels too.

  • I’ve read lots of personal ads, chiefly from women, saying they like long walks on the beach.  I’ve also been to the beach, and there aren’t as many people walking at the beach as you might think.

  • I paid extra money for extra legroom on a flight my wife and I’ll be taking soon and now I’m questioning whether I should have done that since neither one of us has any extra legs. 

Author: Tom

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