Things I Know

  • Most terrorists know this or I wouldn’’t point it out:  you’’re supposed to steal the vehicle you use to make a car bomb.

  • The Feds are investigating Wall Street at least in part because of the way complicated and risky financial instruments known as derivatives have been traded.  Derivatives have caused troubles before.  Orange County California went into Chapter 9 bankruptcy in the mid 1990’s because of its treasurer’s trading in derivatives and the treasurer went to jail.

  • There are so many geese on Long Island I don’’t see how we can legitimately call them Canada Geese anymore.

  • It’’s “moot point,” not “mute point.”

  • There is a service area on the New Jersey Turnpike named after the poet Joyce Kilmer.  It’’s in East Brunswick Township.  That’s in case you didn’’t get my blog item entitled “Nash, Kilmer and Me.”

  • Somebody I know told me the other day that somebody we both know had “”terrible gas.”  I suggested that there is no other kind.

  • I am less inclined to buy a Ford Ranger pickup truck than I once was.   I’’ve determined that in the state where I live (semi-conscious state) the vanity license plate “LONE” and the vanity license plate “KEMOSABE” are both taken.

  • Manholes are round so utility workers can’’t drop manhole covers into them by accident and so vandals can’’t do it on purpose.

  • It’’s chipotle, not chipolte, and I heard a chef say it wrong on TV last week.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.