Job Statistics

Federal job statistics released Friday say more than 162-thousand jobs were created in March.  Then, there’s my job in April.  I’m retired, effective today.  I don’t want to be, and when I find another job, I intend to stop, but we had a change of administration last year where I live and work and although I survived last year, I’m appointed, not protected civil service.  Today is appointment day and I’m not reappointed.  I had to retire in order to protect pension and other benefits.

I’ve been an appointed public official for most of my adult life.  During that time, I’ve switched employers and jobs, but I’ve never had even one day of unemployment.  Arbitrary replacement isn’t unusual among those of us with appointed government jobs or among broadcasters which is what I used to be.  But no unemployment at all is unusual in either field.  I survived the vagaries of broadcasting and I’ll survive this too.

I’m not sure of everything I’ll do while I look for work.  Although I have been described by a taxpayer as, an adult with a responsible job, I’ve never really known what I want to be when I grow up.  I’ve just gone through life trying my best not to grow up.  I always say getting older is inevitable; maturing isn’t.  Yet, despite my best efforts I know I have matured somewhat.

During my hopefully brief retirement, I will probably blog a little more.  I’ll certainly paint the inside of our house.  It needs it.  I was wondering what I’d do for frustration while I’m not working, but I do root for the Mets, so that’s not going to be a problem, especially this year.

Weight is easier to find than to lose.  Work is just the opposite.  I’m willing to travel as part of my new job.  I’m looking for work:  full-time; part-time; fill-in; freelance; even consulting.  I’ve suggested I’d become a sarcasm consultant, but I was being sarcastic when I said that.  I’d like to go back into government finance.  I enjoy that work about as much as I enjoyed broadcasting and more than I enjoyed public relations.  I imagine I’d enjoy it even more if I worked for someone who took my advice.  I wouldn’t mind teaching a college course or two.  I’ve done that before as well.    Every political candidate I ever did radio commercials for won and I am available for voice-over work, but isn’t everyone?

If it’s legal and doesn’t require a license I’ve probably done it.  I did something that did require a license too and I had one.  It doesn’t require a license anymore though and my license expired long ago.  I think the FCC still issues third-class radio telephone operator’s licenses, but if it does, you need it to work on a ship and don’t need it to work at a commercial radio broadcast station anymore. 

I haven’t timed my retirement very well.  Last week, Governor Patterson sharply increased the fees at state-owned golf course and beaches.  This week, I have a medical test and a dentist appointment and next Monday, jury duty.

Author: Tom

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