It’s the Stupid Economy

If you are a politician and someone of a different political party comes up with an idea, it’’s your duty to be against it, even if it’’s a good idea.  I know that.  I don’’t see how President Obama’’s economic policies are helping one of our worst recessions. 

If what you’re doing isn’’t working, try something else.  I’ve been telling my son that since he was a toddler.  It must have made an impression, because I’’ve heard him say that to other people.  As an aside, hearing your kid parrot your advice is pretty cool, even if he’’s just parroting it and not actually putting it into practice.

President Obama, people don’’t believe your economic policies, such as last year’’s economic stimulus cargo (it’’s too big to be a package) are working.  You can say without those policies things would be much worse and you may even be right, but the problem is nobody can prove that.  In addition to thinking the policies aren’’t working, many people think the current administration’s policies are going to lead to a lot of inflation and soon. 

These don’t have to be partisan comments.  I seem to recall Bill Clinton won the White House with a campaign that included the slogan, ““It’’s the economy stupid.””

I understand the President, in his state of the union address,will propose tax credits for businesses that create jobs.  Good.  It’’s a step in the right direction.  If I were advising the President, I’’d say concentrate on jobs to the exclusion of almost all other economic initiatives.  If anything might produce jobs, the President ought to be in favor of it and ought to be the major cheerleader for it.

Something called consumer confidence is an important element in the national, and even the world economy.  It sounds crazy, and it might even be crazy, but if all of our leaders were to say the recession is over and say it loudly,  clearly and repeatedly, it would help.

Author: Tom

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