Things I Know

  • It hasn’t snowed in the Sacramento area in seven years.  However, people from Sacramento who want to see snow in the winter don’t have to drive that far on Interstate 80 eastbound, to see more snow than anyone could reasonably want.  So, wall-to-wall, team coverage on Sacramento TV stations of snow flurries seems a little excessive to me.

  • The problem with the BCS college football championship is that the two best teams could be in one conference.  But Florida didn’t make too much of an argument about that over the weekend, did they?

  • My son was admitted to practice law in California on Friday.  If you are me, the correct team won the SEC champion ship this weekend.  There is much correct with the world right now.

  • A cross-country trip in an airplane is surprisingly comfortable if the plane is one-third full.

  • The Sacramento CA History Museum has a small display about local Boy Scouts among its exhibits.  Within that exhibit, there’s one Boy Scout patch from 1984.  I have at least one Boy Scout patch older than that on my red jacket and I didn’t join Scouting until I was an adult.  I hate it when I have older stuff than they have in the museum and I’m still using it.

  • Cops don’t seem to like the word suspect anymore.  I don’t know why.  But if you hear that the police investigating a crime want to question you as a “person of interest,” it means they think you probably did it.  Police in Washington State tracked down a person of interest in the murder of four other police officers.  They were alert enough that he didn’t kill any more cops; they killed him.

  • Bob Sheppard isn’t coming back to be Yankees public address announcer.  It’s not a surprise really.  Mr. Sheppard is 99 years old and he started announcing at Yankee Stadium in 1951.  Mr. Sheppard spent his working life going to sporting events to earn a living, Giants football games in the winter and Yankees baseball games in the summer.  I hope he doesn’t have to go to an office from 9 to 5, five days a week now that he’s retired.

  • Bobby Bowden must think that’s how it works.  When the 80-year-old legendary football coach from FSU was forced to announce his retirement at the end of this season, Bowden said he would have to find a real job now.

  • When someone says, “One thing lead to another,” often “another” means “sex.”

  • Cogent advice from Click and Clack, the guys on National Public Radio’s Car Talk program:  “You don’t want a car that’s smaller than the elk.”

  • If I get one of those much sought after Zhu Zhu pets for Christmas, I’m going to call it Petals.

  • Note to the grammar checker in MS Word 2007:  All you need in order to have a sentence is a noun and a verb.  I remember that from grammar school, and I went to grammar school so long ago they attempted to teach me grammar; hence the name.  So, “I am,” is a sentence.  Therefore, “I’m sorry,” is also a sentence, not a sentence fragment.

  • Here’s something unnecessarily complicated.  I want to buy a new camera.  Canon makes good ones so I checked whether they have the manual for the camera I’m interested in available on line.   They do, so I started reading it.  I liked what I was reading so I wanted to download it and go over it at my leisure.  The way Canon has its PDF reader configured, I couldn’t find a way to download the manual.  I did find a way to e-mail it to myself and that works.  But it’s an extra and unnecessary step.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.