Things I Know

  • I was kidding with a friend this week and said, “Have a nice day, or go to work.  Your choice.”  Today, I didn’t do either one; I went to the dentist.

  • Paul Giblin, one of two reporters who just won a Pulitzer Prize for local reporting, was laid off between the time he co-wrote the stories and the time he won the prize.  So was an editor who oversaw the project. 

  • I met a guy who won a Nobel Prize and one who won a Pulitzer, right after each prize was announced.  In both cases, I was more excited than they were.

  • If I’m listening to the NY Yankees on the radio and John Sterling is doing the play-by-play, I always hope no Yankee hits a home run.  One signature home run call is plenty for me.

  • In New York City, an SUV plunged out of the sixth floor of a parking garage and fell three stories to crash on to the roof of the building next door.  Newsday reported that the cause of the accident was not immediately known.  Attention Newsday:  gravity caused the accident.  Always happy to help.

  • The way the Yankees chose camera angles during the ceremonies when the new Yankee Stadium opened, you couldn’t tell if Yogi Berra was able to reach home plate without bouncing the ceremonial first pitch.  I don’t care if he did.  Mr. Berra is a baseball treasure.

  • Close proximity to a very attractive woman decreases the typical man’s IQ by a measurable amount; a large, and easily measurable amount.  The effect is sometimes temporary.

  • The bad news for New York baseball fans is if you average Chien-Ming Wang’s and Johan Santana’s ERA’s, the answer you get is about 17!  The good news for Mets fans is Johan’s ERA is under 0.50.

  • The strangest headline I’ve seen in a long time is: “Stephen Hawking Is Gravely Ill.”  A brilliant mathematician and physicist, Professor Hawking has been seriously ill with Lou Gehrig’s Disease for most of his life, so that headline isn’t news at all.  Now, sadly, Dr. Hawking is hospitalized, suffering from another serious, but undisclosed illness.  Lou Gehrig’s Disease is incurable.  We hope he recovers from whatever else ails the body which encases his remarkable mind and spirit.

  • Finally, a warm weekend!

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.