Things I Know

  • Note to the brunette woman in the old, red Mercury Tracer headed north on Rte 17 in Ramsey NJ last Tuesday afternoon:  If everyone is passing you on the right, you have no business in the left lane.  Move over and stop blocking traffic.

  • Note to everyone who cut me off on Friday afternoon on the NY State Thruway (and there were lots of you):  If you do that, could you please drive faster than I am afterwards?  I don’t like to slow down either.

  • Central Avenue in Albany NY has joined the rare group of roads I won’t drive on anymore unless someone else pays to fix my car.

  • I made a big mistake when I bought something over the Internet using the e-mail address that goes to my Blackberry because the Blackberry doesn’t have a SPAM filter.

  • If you have 500 bored people with Blackberries in the same room, all of them won’t be able to get on the Internet at the same time.

  • I have a hard time sleeping in hotel rooms, especially the first night I’m there.  Because of that, I have no trouble sleeping in conference meeting rooms.  The solution should be obvious; put the beds in the meeting rooms and have the conference sessions in the hotel rooms.

  • I was at a conference this week.  I’ve been going to it off and on for 14 years and the one that just finished is the first one where I got a ribbon to go on the bottom of my badge.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.