Things I Know

  • This may sound like whining to someone who lives in International Falls MN, but yes, it is cold enough for me; more than cold enough.  And I wish weather forecasters would tell me the temperature instead of the wind chill factor, and then let me decide how cold I feel.

  • Baseball causes warm weather.  If you think about that, you already know it.  So, when your favorite team starts broadcasting Spring Training games on the radio (this past weekend for the Yankees, next weekend for the Mets) I want you to drive around with the game on and your car windows down.  It will help warm things up more quickly.

  • It bothers me that my local daily newspaper and TV shows like “The Insider” and “Entertainment Tonight” apparently think of Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets and six other children, as an entertainment story.

  • Ten people in the Tom’s River NJ area are claiming they won the Mega Millions Lottery that had a top prize of $216 million.  I would much prefer to have the lottery winner in Tom’s house, rather than Tom’s River, but let this be a cautionary tale.  The chance of winning a big lottery are enormously small, but if someone in your office starts a pool, chip in.  On the odd chance that they do win, you don’t want to be the only person left working there.

  • Wearing your pants under your gut instead of around your waist makes you look heavier, not thinner.

  • Ezra Cornell invented the telegraph pole.  He actually invented the ceramic insulator that kept telegraph lines from shorting out when they were strung on poles, but a lot of people think he invented the telegraph pole.  He made money from this because whoever invented the tree neglected to patent it.

  • Here’s why the government spends so much money.  Consumers who have a good handle on finances determine how much to spend based on how much they make.  Government determines how much to make based on what it spends.  If you could do that, you’d spend more money too.

Author: Tom

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