At Random

There’s an expression: You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached! I actually have forgotten my head on three or four occasions. I also forgot my wife, or at least didn’t notice her, the first and second times we met. I tease my wife that she takes my things and hides them, then finds them so I will consider her essential. That’s silly. I would consider her essential even if I knew the location of everything I own.

I’ve been conducting scientific research on losing stuff. I wondered how many utility knives and how many retractable metal tape measures you need to own before you will know where at least one of them is at all times. My current operating hypothesis is four. Right now, I know where two utility knives and one tape measure are. But I only own two hammers and know where both of them are.

At our house, we’re renovating both bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s confusing.  It would probably help a lot if we had all the things we need for the job on hand before we started, but to do that, we’d need another house to live in while this one is under construction, or we’d need another building to keep the stuff in. Tile guy is coming tomorrow. That means our full bath ought to be usable sometime early next week.

Air conditioning and I don’t seem to be on good terms this summer. Our whole family went to Sacramento CA in May to attend our son’s law school graduation. It was over 100 degrees there and the air conditioning in our hotel room stopped working. Management at the hotel moved my wife and me into the other hotel they owned next door. They also moved our adult daughter into the next door hotel although there was nothing wrong with her room. The second hotel was more expensive than the first, but we paid the rate from the first one. Mistakes happen and problems occur. The test is what you do when bad stuff happens and you’re responsible for it. Do you own the problem and fix it? I was very pleased with the management of those two hotels. This week, I’m having a lot of trouble with the air conditioning in my car. Tomorrow is the third day in a week my car has been in the shop. I hope tomorrow it gets fixed.

I was less pleased with a plumbing supply house that messed up my order and took a week to fix it.

Getting older means explaining stuff to adults. This morning, while entering the building which contains my office, I met a colleague. She said to me, “You don’t look happy.” I replied, “Wrong dwarf, I’m Sleepy!” Then I realized there are adults who wouldn’t get the Snow White reference.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.