We’ve been away

It’s been almost three weeks since I posted here, but my wife, daughter, and I have been traveling, to visit my daughter’s brother, and our son.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, when I tried to post a picture of our trip that’s one inch wide here, it shows up so large that you can only see a small part of it.  When I get time to learn a little more about formatting this blog, I will try to post the picture again.  It’s a picture of our family.  You see, we’re quite proud these days.

Seventy-five percent of us have recently returned from California where we attended the law school graduation of the other 25 percent.  Now that he has earned a JD degree, I suppose we can call him doctor, as we could give that title of honor to anyone who has achieved a doctorate in any academic subject.  But, we can’t call him lawyer yet.  He’s still working on that.  He has to pass the bar exam at the end of July, and we’re sure he will.  But the California Bar likes to spread out the suspense, so while the exam is completed in July, he doesn’t learn the results until near the end of November.

A different 25 percent of the family will be off on another adventure this Saturday.  I’ve never traveled for a living, but I have been in 28 states.  I’m not counting air space.  I’ve set foot in 28 states and I’ve never just stepped across a state line, although I have walked across two of them.  When you think of the way we travel, walking across a state line is pretty unusual.  I’ve never just driven a mile or so into a state to say I’ve been there either.  I suppose I could have done that for Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Colorado on previous sojourns.  I’m doing Colorado on Saturday.  I’m flying there and on Sunday I’m driving to New Mexico.  So, by Sunday, I will have been on the ground in 30 of our 50 states.

I expect the trip to go smoothly, but whether it does or not I’ll be back and I’ll fill you in.  That’s a promise!

Author: Tom

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